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FEC Candidate ID:  C00717207

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2127 Arnold Way, Ste 2311

Alpine, CA 91901

Phone:  619-249-1393

Email:  horvathcampaign@gmail.com

  CANDIDATE STATEMENT - Why Run for Congress?

One of my favorite saying is that (in times of chaos and crisis) "we save ourselves by saving each other...not one of us, not anyone, has ever been saved alone."  This campaign is about being given choice who enters Congress to represent you.  I am asking you to meet with me, ask key questions of importance to you and learn about how we can collaborate as a community to work towards resolutions taht will improve our quality of life.  I am open to change and how we will be able to come together as a community.  I am asking that you interview me, talk to me, support me as I work for yourself and the communities we live in.   

Most of us will remember the previous election cycles and the backbiting and mud slinging.  It was so bad that Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck could have launched a write in campaign and most likely won the election since approximately 211,000 registered voters did not vote in the primaries.  
As a District we are so used people fighting and creating negativity in elections through half baked truths leading to disgust when the word "politics" is said.  My response to the disgust for politicians is that I am not a "politician" as much as a highly experienced federal government consultant.  I know and use federal regulations in my consulting practice and in federal contracting.  The federal acquisition regulations (FAR) and other key contracting documents used provide the foundation for management of key governmental contracts.  As a candidate I don't need a "learning cycle" as a freshman congressional representative relating to government operations and the law - I already have the experience and knowledge to manage the key staff and also the relationships required to create change.  
I bring to you 20 plus years of expertise in the leadership, psychology and management field.  I have top notched expertise as a consultant in government operations.  I have worked with key high level defense officials in my consulting practice that will solidify the results and key relationships needed to "be the change".  I know key pressure points in various agencies that will create change when pressure is strategically applied. 
The fact is that I am able to navigate the murky political waters since that is what organizational development consultants do.  We research organizational rules, regulations and laws while observing and assessing behaviors and actions.  We examine financial costs as we follow the money to learn the gaps in the organization.  Then we move to the design and recommend changes phase to the organizational system and culture.  As a member of the San Diego Military and Veterans Advisory Council and other positions in the community; I use this method to provide senior advisory services to the Board of Supervisors, their staff and other agencies.
As a child and adult, I have had many great mentors in my life. After all my mother taught my siblings and I the meaning of strength - stepping over, around and through the brick walls that were potential barriers to success and creating community impact.  She taught us how to be resilient in the face of adversity. Mom taught us grit, tenacity, and strength to stand up for what is right and just - legally and ethically.  Mom and Dad cheered us on as we worked through our plans for our lives.  Mom was never the victim of communism; rather, my mother and father created steps for success in their lives based upon what they learned and knew.  My mother thrived in her life.  
I firmly believe that each of us has that power - the power to plan our success in this campaign, the ability to cut through the noise of other candidates half truths and rhetorics to get to the core and truths of issues.  We, as a community, need to rise up, stand up, break the chains of the past and most of all be the voice for change through your vote.  That as a community, we insist upon and expect honorable behavior and integrity from our Congressional Representatives and government leaders.  
As a community I hope that you are empowered to stand upon the expectations of integrity, honesty, and honor to make the right decision for our lives in this job application process.  This as we make emboldened choices to create a community that is not divided by party lines, rhetorics and parting shots.  Your success is my success - I firmly believe that.  
Finally, a well known professional acquaintance and first female NFL Coach, Dr. Jen Welter, said on August 22, 2019:

@jwelter47   "The best man for the job might just be a woman."

Jen has proven this time and again.  I know that in this case, Jen's statement may just be our community's truth.  I look forward to the ongoing job interviews as we meet, greet, and work towards gaining your support for the position.  Know that my commitment is not to disappoint as I work for the benefit of yourself, our communities, and nation.  My success is your success; let's succeed together.
For our world...Dr. Helen Horvath, Candidate, 50th Congressional District