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Educational Reform & Affordability

The debate between attending College or Vocational Education: The Affordability Factors

“Good apprentices are likely to make good citizens,” Benjamin Franklin 

Let's face it; not everyone will go to college and earn a degree.  There are many trade/vocational schools that will lead to apprenticeship positions on a career path to full status in a specific career field.  These career fields will provide an excellent quality of life for a student as they move into vocational positions.  We all know that University educations are very expensive and not a guarantee for a successful career.  Students may graduate from college with a bachelor's degree and not be able to obtain meaningful employment in their field.  This is a sticking point for both vocational and college educated students desiring to succeed in life.

These educational goals have led to a crisis as our nation carries over $1.6Trillion in Federal Student Loan Debt that is due to the government. There is also an estimated $119B in private student loans.  This has led to a default rate that has impacted federal debt through non-repayment of student loan debt.

Through collaboration with the Department of Education, as your Congressional Representative, I will work to create methods to address student loan costs through debt restructuring, reform payment options to tackle excess interest growth, and providing a more rapid path to debt repayment and restructuring.