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FEC Candidate ID:  C00717207

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In San Diego County we have over 200,000 veterans and over 3.3M county residents.  In our communities we face economic growth and job equality issues.  Our communities are faced with challenges of pay inequality, higher cost of living challenges, housing costs, and economic growth factors that hurt our quality of life and ability to move forward as families and a larger community.  We need to reinvest in our communities instead of larger corporate subsidies and tax cuts.  Congress should invest in American workers and the American family to provide a hand up not a hand out.  Creating opportunities for individuals to thrive and sustain a better quality of life.   

The unemployment rate in California is 4%; yet, the 3.3% unemployment rate in San Diego County provides a snapshot of the ability to obtain employment; yet, is it the right employment for you?  Are you having to take jobs that are less than your skill set or having to work multiple jobs in order to afford a reasonable lifestyle for yourself and your family?  

As a small business owner, I have seen the impact of financial struggles within a family and the emotional cost to the family unit.  As your 50th Congressional District representative, I would focus upon creation of the right job, right pay, and right skill set in order to create and maintain employment.  It is not enough to bring jobs to our communities, we must bring the right jobs that will benefit our community members through economic growth and empowerment.

Through this effort, I will continue to support small and large businesses in all areas business development.  This includes creation and modification of current laws and regulations governing small business utilization within the federal government contracting arena.  These efforts will include ongoing support for the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and the Small Business Development Centers nationwide through grant development and continuation.