Dr. Helen Horvath


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FEC Candidate ID:  C00717207

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2127 Arnold Way, Ste 2311

Alpine, CA 91901

Phone:  619-249-1393

Email:  horvathcampaign@gmail.com


"I believe that clean air and clean water are essential rights all Americans deserve—and they should never be sacrificed." Dr. Helen Horvath

Protecting our environment is one of the most important responsibilities we all share. The United States must be a leader in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in renewable and sustainable technologies that will power our economy for years to come. The threat of climate change is real, and San Diego is vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise and extreme weather if we do nothing to stop climate change.

California is home to treasured natural resources from the white sands of our coast to the high peaks of the Sierra Mountains to the wonders of highway 101.  Californians have a proud and rich tradition of conservation going back more than a century to Teddy Roosevelt, which values clean drinking water, good air quality, and public lands and green spaces that are preserved for future generations.   We are blessed to have this in our lives.  Let's work together to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy our natural wonders.