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I Thought Equal Rights was a given to men and women according to the Constitution?

The Equal Rights Amendment and you.

                                                                   As you read this article, do you believe that women have equal rights to                                                                       men in this date and time?  Is the Constitution written in such a way that                                                                     guarantees women the same rights as men?


                                                                   I am sorry to say that women do not have the same rights as men in our                                                                     community.  The only guaranteed right women have is under the 19th                                                                         Amendment - the right to vote.  It has been more than 100 years since                                                                         President Woodrow Wilson attempted passage of the Equal Rights                                                                               Amendment (ERA); to date we have not been able to pass the ERA.  The male dominated power structure in our society-those who have been in power in the 50th District and other former Congressional Representative currently in this District's primary have used religion to attempt to take women's rights away.  This is done by creating legislation that attacks a woman's dignity and personal rights. Once Congress erode one human right, the others can also be taken away. 


The Constitution only guarantees one right - the right to vote -

under the 19th Amendment. Women have a presumed (legal)

right under the 14th Amendment.  Yet, our rights can be taken

away at any time since the historical male dominated legislative

power structure has used their positions to attempt to take away

key rights that would be protected under the ERA.  Without the

solidification of the ERA as a federal amendment to the Constitution

women's rights will be open to continued erosion.  


Would you please join our campaign to rise up and support the

passage of the ERA?  We will continue to play legal whack-a-mole

until women have equal rights under and within the Constitution. For more information about the ERA and other women's rights issues, please click this link to my East County Magazine editorial addressing women's rights, the weakening of women's political abilities to create a stronger and more equal society, along with the double standards in Society towards women. 

You may not personally think you are impacted; yet, the reality is that Women's rights can be taken away until the ERA and related legislation is passed into law.  Let's stop the legislative gaslighting together.

I commit, as a Congressional Representative, to ensuring the equal rights of all people and commit to the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment when the fight comes back into Congress.  Join us by committing to change.