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Gun Reform - Gun Trafficking

The issue.  

Nationally, there are approximately 500,000 weapons related crimes committed that result in approximately 11,000 homicides each year.  In 9 of 10 of these crimes where the gun has been successfully traced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the person who originally purchased the firearm is not the person who committed the crime. 

Even with the current illegal movement of guns across state lines, as a nation we do not have federal laws that define gun trafficking as a crime.  First responders and prosecutors often have to rely upon a mixed bag of individual state regulations to investigate and crack down on the criminal networks that make prosecutions difficult and often nearly impossible to convict.  

The solution.

As your 50th Congressional District Representative, I  will continue to be committed in stopping the illegal flow of guns into California and across the nation while providing law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools needed to crack down on the illegal gun trade and work to prevent gun violence.  Beyond current laws, I will collaborate and create legislation that will further create deterrents to gun trafficking.  

By creating more legal options and providing flexibility for prosecutors and judges to successfully prosecute the crimes we will be able to increase successful prosecution through the federal criminal justice system to crack down on people who are involved in all aspects of illegal gun trafficking.