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America was built by the contributions of immigrants, and our diversity only adds to the greatness of this country. As your Congressional Representative, I will advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that treats immigrants fairly while providing them a clear path to earned citizenship.  This will be accomplished  through improved and strengthened immigration reform legislation. 

As a marriage and family therapist, I have worked in a local federal immigration holding facility providing mental health and adjustment support to the separated minors.  I have seen the immigration issue from both sides of the coin - the undocumented alien and the financial impact to the federal, state, and local government budgets in the enforcement of the current immigration policies. 


The media shows us images of individuals who are detained.  This creates, at times, a national crisis of conscious over immigration and those not authorized to be in the United States permanently. Yet, those unauthorized migrants create a unique set of concerns for internal border security that expands the need to address the criminal elements associated with illegal immigration.  There are crimes associated with the illegals, according to the interim director of Homeland Security, that are tied to drug cartels and other criminal organizations.  Examples include sale of fraudulent social security numbers, birth certificates, and military personnel who are brought into human smuggling.


It is time to strengthen our borders, create 100% accountability, visibility and transparency for all border security issues such as staffing of immigration holding facilities, implementation of new border security technology, border pollution, criminal elements, and family separation issues within the current laws.  This will take a legislative change to federal regulations.  As the 50th District Representative, I will accomplish this and more.  We need to stop unauthorized entry in the back country and secure our borders.