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Military Family Readiness 

Military Families are the core to stability in the Armed Services.  Spouses are often left behind during deployments to manage the family while worrying about their loved ones.  Creating new programs. educational and vocational opportunities designed to increase a military family's quality of life through employment, ongoing family support, and increase military spouse employment opportunities in order to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the military community.

Military Spouse Employment

Military spouses face career challenges as they move around the globe in support of an active duty service member.   As your Congressional candidate, I would propose changes to the career licensing regulations for military spouses in a wide variety of career fields to permit licensure in other states when a military spouse is transferred without having to reapply for licensure so long as the family member is in good standings in the state of license issuance.


Create and promote legislation to improve quality of life and financial status of active duty personnel and their families.  This includes opportunities for military families to participate in ongoing career transition and development services beyond what is currently offered through the military's family service offices.  According to the Blue Star Families 2017 annual study, military spouse unemployment and underemployment has led to a substantial unrealized tax loss of approximately $1.06B annually for the Federal government and an undetermined amount for each state tax revenues.  Resolve issues surrounding Status of Forces country specific agreements and those issues during overseas deployment that will encourage appropriate employment for military spouses based upon education and experience.  

Additionally, coordinate with federal agencies the ability of military family members to participate more readily in telework opportunities to permit military spouses to work from home when transferred due to military duty.  This in place of being required to quit federal jobs and then get rehired once a position opens.

Military Healthcare

Continued support for military healthcare initiatives impacting military families and veterans through legislative improvements and government oversight of contract vehicles that manage healthcare.  

Transition GPS/Military Career Transition

Currently, as of Fiscal Years 2017/2018, Department of Defense spent approximately $323M to transition service members into the civilian community in an effort to save $303M in unemployment costs at the end of a service member's contract.  With five to seven major Fortune 100 firms working on the program as contractors, the costs continue to grow annually.  In 2019, Department of the Army raised the value of the Transition GPS contract from $20M to $48M.  These costs did not include additional subcontracts with firms nor promote program cost savings.  

As your 50th District Congressional Representative, I will collaborate with Department of Defense to create cost savings to the program while improving services for military families relating to career transition.   Based upon current research it is estimated that a cost realization of $50-$100M per year can be obtained through modifications to the program.  This would create cost reductions to the government while improving services to active duty personnel, family members, and veterans.  American does not have a blank check for programs and services - fiscal responsibility is required in order to reduce the national debt while providing quality services.

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