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Dr. Helen Horvath

Candidate, 50th Congressional District







October 27, 2019


Dear fellow constituent:


I will begin with “I am a high school drop out with a doctoral degree in organization psychology”.  Hmmm…curious?  Read more within our website for the full story as we begin the interview process. 


As a candidate for the 50th Congressional District I would like to ask that you join us in being the change in our communities.


I am an independent candidate not tied to the party machine.  I run for office because I am tired of partisan politics.  I recognize that to be the change we must let go of old beliefs.  I am running for the people not for a party.  Many candidates for the 50th District make statements about not wanting to lose the District to a Democrat or a Republican. 


Yet, these politicians forget that we are of the people; that we are in service to represent the people not a party.  It is one of the most difficult things to swallow as a citizen; the fact that party loyalty is often more important to party members than our families, neighbors, friends, communities, and nation.  It is our time to be the change.


I hope that you join us in saying enough is enough!  I want to empower you to make a difference in this campaign and government by exercising your vote.  This can initially be done by signing our petition to get on the ballot.  It only takes about 1 minute of your life.  Let’s begin the interview process by ongoing conversation and communication. 


If voting the party line makes you feel safe; we understand.  Yet staying within the party lines may not provide you with the right candidate for the right job.  We urge you to examine all of the possibilities and consider taking a new direction.  It takes courage to step outside of our normal voting practices to be the change we wish to see in the world.  I believe in you and the residents of the 50th District to research and be the change.  Join us!


I look forward to meeting you and your family as you check out our events page as we work to meet and greet you in the community.


Very respectfully,

Helen L. Horvath, PsyD

Candidate, 50th Congressional District

Alpine, CA