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Amending the Constitution...one state at a time

During the founding of this great nation - Abagail Adams said to her husband in a letter "don't forget the ladies..." John Adams and the nation's founding leaders did just that. Must have been an interesting homelife after Adams ignored his wife's thoughts about women's rights.

It is with great happiness that our campaign announces the approval

of the Equal Rights Amendment by the State of Virginia. Virginia is the 38th State to approve the Equal Rights Amendment. Yet, the fight is not over to create equality in our nation. There will be lawsuits due to the age of the original Equal Rights Amendment; yet, we will continue the fight to create equality through Congress and the Legislatures in our states.

Pleae Join us this Saturday at the Women's March in San Diego. We will meet at the Fountain in front of the County Administration Building at 12:30 pm. It is time to rise up and be the change. I firmly believe that Abigail Adams will be dancing in Heaven as she tells John Adams...see, see, see it is possible.

The article is from the New York Times. Click here.