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Equal Rights - Are women being gaslighted?

Updated: Jan 5

Dateline: December 18, 2019

Location: Alpine, CA

As a child, I grew up listening to the fight for women's equal rights. I was told that women would only be mothers and work as secretaries. The possibilities for a women in the 70's was diminished by the ongoing and continued denial of equal rights under the Constitution. As children, my generation was taught about the suffragette movement and eventual passage of the 19th Amendment. Yet, for nearly 100 years equal rights for women has not been an overall key issue in the 50th District.

There are many people, men and women, who fought for women's equal rights under the Constitution. Yet the reality is that some male legislators have gaslighted women in our district. This is done by introducing laws that impact the dignity and ability of a women to be equal under the law.

All legislators swear to an oath and have a requirement to uphold and defend the Constitution. Yet, in the 50th District, we have candidates and former legislators who take the oath of allegiance and then advocate for their personal beliefs in legislation. This is troublesome for women in the 50th District and across the nation.

In a recent OP/ED piece for the East County Magazine, Dr. Horvath examines the equal rights amendment and women's rights under the Constitution. The bottom line is that the Constitution only has one true right for women - THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

Let's exercise this right to vote by selecting a candidate that will work to continue the necessary work to ensure that equal rights are granted and continue for women and minorities in Congress. Will you join us?