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How not to break your nose

Pine Valley, Manila Trail

In August of 2019, Dr. Horvath met the Mayor of San Marcos during a city council

meeting. The Mayor mentioned that roads and infrastructure are suffering. Dr. Horvath agreed with the statement and began researching SANDAG and how the money is being spent. Dr. Horvath has noticed the poor road conditions in the County as she met and greeted County residents.

Fast forward to Friday, October 11, 2019 in Pine Valley. Dr. Horvath was walking the neighborhoods in the Community and noticed the disrepair of the streets. While walking on Manila in Pine Valley, there was an unnoticeable dip in the street along with a crack that is not readily noticeable unless you take a close up of the street. Due to the unevenness and disrepair of the road, Dr. Horvath fell onto the street.

She was taken by ambulance to Sharp Memorial Hospital. We would like to thank the community members who assisted Dr. Horvath until the ambulance arrived. Dr. Horvath sustained a broken nose.

The bottom line here is that the way not to break your nose is to have the County actually keep up with the road maintenance. #roadsandinfrastructure #payfortherepairs #completeroadmaintenance