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Is it really a hail Mary? Nah! We can win the Congressional Seat with your help. (San Diego Times)

Some might say our late entry into the 50th District Congressional job interview process is a bit late or a "Hail Mary". Yet, is it truly? The article is based upon fact, to include information about Campa-Najjar. We posted a response on Twitter @forhorvath to his comments. Feel free to read the Twitter comments; the information is available.

Campa-Najjar will fight out the ongoing facts of his life again with the Republicans. Our campaign will remain fact based using multiple research sources as we gain community involvement in our campaign.

As a community, We may not always agree on everything we discuss; yet, I will listen and be there for you each step of the way. I realize that the campaign will be a lot of work; yet, with your help we can make a difference and be the change.

Looking forward to meeting you throughout the campaign! If you like what you read please hit the donate button so that we are able to receive your financial support.

Happy reading!! Dr. Helen