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  • Helen Horváth

The Tree of Life: Reaching for Change

We often face unique challenges that inspire and grow our communities. We are rooted in individual beliefs, values, and intentions. We experience life, death, friendship, joy, trauma, and most of all love.

Yet, people often think that we choose our lives – I am not always so sure. Our lives are not just about each of us; rather, it is about how we as a community serve to create a better “us” as a society.

Our hands reach up within the Tree of Life. We define how we reach out and up grasping on limbs to grow, connect, and become the change - we choose.

Our courage is something that goes wide and deep. It is contained with our characteristics of integrity, honor, and hopefulness as we move forward with hope, grace, and dignity to create choice.

In life we often feel the absence of choice; the randomness of the world around us. We see the crazy chaos of life and the impact of the actions of others that steals our security and illusions. Creating moments of darkness and fear as we move about our communities. In these moments we call out seeking the light ahead. We hold on to those around us who matter; learning to breathe again.

We learn to steal back our choices and joy for our future. We choose each other, friendship, family, hope, love, and joy. Most of all we choose life.

When the ground beneath our feet shakes and shifts and the storms rage around us; it is all of these people that provide life, air to breath, and sheltering arms to sustain us throughout our storms.

This is how we save ourselves by saving each other; we engage, support, create, and collaborate to reassemble lives within our communities. Because not one of us, not anyone, has ever been saved alone.

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