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Term Limits 

Career Politicians have been running the federal government for generations.  Examples include Stenny Hoyer who has been a Maryland Congressional Representative for 40+ years.  There are others; yet, the point is that we need "fresh ideas" to run the country.


Currently, laws and regulations are written that benefit specific groups of people and/or businesses.  Yet, the reality is that this has run our nation into the financial debt that we face.  In 2019, we are faced with key issues as a result of this factor.  Career politicians have created key issues relating to how we operate our government through Congress.  We see the results of infighting and division by party lines that has, at times, stopped our progress as a nation and also increased the cost of doing government business.  

In order to create more opportunities for Americans to participate in the change and government process, I proposes a six term limit for service for Congressional Representatives and a two term limit for Senators for a total of 12 years of service through Congress.